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Age of Conquest LITE

Age of Conquest LITE

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Age of Conquest LITE is a turn-based strategy game set in medieval times where you have to try to conquer territories, wage war against other empires, and, in short, defeat all your enemies turn-by-turn. The gameplay in Age of Conquest LITE is pretty simple for a large-scale turn-based strategy game. Each turn, you can move your troops (represented by numbers on the map), fortify your strategic positions, or recruit new units. Tapping each region of the map allows you to check all its information. In this LITE version of Age of Conquest, you can only play one setting and from one starting point. That said, you can play from beginning to end ... if you can survive long enough. Age of Conquest LITE is an excellent turn-based strategy game. It doesn't have very elaborate graphics but does boast a well-developed game system that's perfectly adapted to touch screens. It's one of those games that is perfect for tablets but can still be played on mobile devices, though the bigger the screen, the better.

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