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Art of War 3

Art of War 3

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Art of War 3 is an RTS where players get in front of an army to do battle against both the AI and other players from around the world. Unlike most Android strategy games, Art of War 3 draws directly on PC classics like Command and Conquer, Dune, and Total Annihilation. You can manually select your troops and move them around the maps as desired. You can make sets of troops patrol an area, run pincer attacks on enemy positions, and much more. One of the strengths in Art of War 3 is the huge number of different units you can unlock as you move forward in the main campaign. Starting out you can recruit three or four kinds of units, but in total you can command up to 20: helicopters, tanks, infantry, and much more. Art of War 3 is an excellent RTS with outstanding graphics and an enormous amount of content. Best of all: you can face other players in exciting PvP duels with an approximate duration of five minutes.

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User-rating:5.0 ( 3 Reviews )
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