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Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia

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Bus Simulator Indonesia is a 3D bus-driving game where you get behind the wheel of a bus full of passengers and drive through various cities in Indonesia. Just choose the route you want to drive and then get going! You can choose between various gameplay options, steering either by tilting your smartphone, tapping the screen, or using a virtual steering wheel. You can also play Bus Simulator Indonesia with various cameras, including cabin view, bird's eye view, or a fixed camera. Bus Simulator Indonesia has two modes, one where you advance through a single-player campaign, and another where you choose a bus and a city and then drive around freely. In the first mode, you have to drive well and complete routes to earn money. Then, with the money you earn, you can buy new buses. Bus Simulator Indonesia is a very entertaining driving game where you can see what it's like to drive a bus in Indonesia. And you can customize plenty, from the controls to the graphics, all depending on what suits you best.

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User-rating:4.8 ( 6 Reviews )


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  • 10/20/2022
    by Jabid

    Best exclusive game Windows Phone had to offer. I bought this game at the infancy of WP7. It was an example of what Xbox on WP could bring. Still a nice game to play and works well with newer updates.

  • 5/13/2022
    by mathew

    Very well made game. Wish we saw more like it on Windows Phone.

  • 3/30/2022
    by jessica

    Love love it! Such a cute game! Nicely put together. Great story line. Definitely got 5 stars

  • 6/5/2022
    by Dmitriy

    One of the best exclusive games available on WP platform.

  • 2/22/2022
    by Hercilia

    I'm an addict... too many hours spent on this game.

  • 4/19/2022
    by Erene

    After 8.1 update, game doesn't work anymore can't select anything.. Just hangs at start..

  • 6/29/2022
    by Vincentius

    This is the very definition of a simple-but-great game! It works flawlessly, the characters are cute, the music is so pleasing in the ear. 12/10 would play again!

  • 6/9/2022
    by Jorge Raúl

    Don't let its visual style and innocent story fool you. Some puzzles can be really challenging (and therefore rewarding). Get it!

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