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Call me a Legend

Call me a Legend

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Call me a Legend is a strategic management game where, besides taking care of a camp of survivors during the zombie apocalypse, you also have to maintain romantic relationships with several women who, for some strange reason, don't seem to be worried about the zombies. Gameplay in Call Me A Legend is very similar to other games in this genre. Basically, you have to complete missions to level up your heroes, improve your camp, and so on. When you compete missions, you'll get resources to exchange for improvements. The biggest problem in Call Me A Legend is the blatant sexism. The women in the game are only good for going on dates where you get bonuses. Basically, they're desperate to get with you and have your kids. That's right, you can have kids, but in a game like this, why would you want to? Call Me A Legend is a strategy game with nothing original about it and big doses of sexism and racism throughout, which is pretty problematic. It's so problematic, in fact, that the cleaner is the only person of color in the entire game.

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User-rating:5.0 ( 1 Reviews )


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  • 8/22/2022
    by russell


  • 8/18/2022
    by ron

    Best game ever

  • 9/9/2022
    by Michael

    Awesome video game‼‼

  • 8/23/2022
    by Cuongf

    Delete or fix game right now. 1 star

  • 8/23/2022
    by п

    Вылетает говнище

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