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Empire Defense II

Empire Defense II



Empire Defense II is a tower defense game in which the player will have to organize his empire’s defenses with the help of a series of heroes and soldiers that will fight and give their life for your interests. Each one of the heroes that you can select to help you in the defense of the empire has his own unique characteristics and skills, which will make him more or less appropriate according to the mission. Accompanying the heroes we will have normal soldiers that also have their exclusive characteristics that will give you a very necessary advantage in some battles. The game comes with various different battle scenarios in which you will have to try to get the best score (measured from one to three stars). Each one of them has its own path and ends up being better suited to one style of gaming or another. The visual graphics of Empire Defense II are very well done, even though despite being equipped with somewhat simple scenario modeling and characters it has an enchanting animated drawing aesthetic and some especially spectacular effects. Empire Defense II is one of the many tower defense games that exist for Android devices. Its simple mechanics and its ability to toss out games relatively quickly are some of its strong points.

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