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Flappy Golf 2

Flappy Golf 2

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Flappy Golf 2 is the sequel to that odd game that combines the gameplay from Flappy Bird with Super Stickman Golf. The result is a game where your aim is to sink a winged ball into a hole at the end of each level. This new edition of the game has all the levels from Super Stickman Golf 2, which add up to more than 100 different holes. You can find grassy settings, deserts, and even one that lets you use portals. But in this case instead of using a golf club to hit the ball you use its little wings like in Flappy Bird. The scoring system in Flappy Golf 2 is also similar to Super Stickman Golf. The less your wings flap, the better your score. Depending on your skills, you can earn gold, silver, or bronze medals. This means you'll always have a challenge in front of you. Flappy Golf 2 is a fun arcade game that, despite its very simple concept, offers a gameplay that could well keep you hooked for hours and hours. Another great game from this fun saga.

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