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Flippy Bottle Extreme

Flippy Bottle Extreme



Flippy Bottle Extreme is a game inspired by the popular water bottle flip challenge. The challenge consists of throwing a plastic water bottle through the air with liquid inside, trying to make it land on a specific surface. That's exactly what you have to do here: make a bottle land on all the surfaces you're presented with. In Flippy Bottle Extreme you advance through a living room full of furniture. You have to throw the bottle onto tables, shelves, sound systems, windows, and more. Plus, as you pass levels, you can unlock more than a dozen different bottles. Thanks to the online leaderboard, you always have a challenge to overcome. You can compete against your friends and other players online to see who can manage to land the bottle correctly the most times. Flippy Bottle Extreme is a game with a very simple concept, but nonetheless, is a lot of fun. Plus, the controls (tap and slide), are perfectly designed to match the gameplay.

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