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Fort Conquer

Fort Conquer

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Fort Conquer is a strategy and defence game, in which the player must protect their fort against attacks from all kind of legendary creatures, such as dragons, reptiles, giants and many more. To do so you will have the help of numerous other creatures. However, the main strength of the game is that you can evolve your creatures to make them stronger, improving many of their attributes, such as the life bar, attack strength or speed. Neither are these developments automatic, it is the player who chooses what "direction" the evolution of the creature's limbs and body will take. For example, you can create dragons with wolf paws ... or something similar. The goal, then, is to prevent attackers from successfully destroying your fort with the help of these creatures. But you must be careful with how many creatures you create because you do not have an infinite supply. Fort Conquer is a really fun strategy game, and you will be glued to the screen of your Android terminal for many hours. And it is totally free!!

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User-rating:5.0 ( 2 Reviews )