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Friday the 13th 3D

Friday the 13th 3D

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Friday the 13th 3D is a three-dimensional action game where you control the legendary horror movie staple Jason, whose mission, just like in his movies, is to murder all of the clueless teenagers that cross his path. You can count on a good array of weapons to get the job done, including a shovel, a knife, a machete, and even an axe. Best of all, not only can you attack your victims with these weapons, but you can also activate 'rage mode', allowing you to dismember them and achieve even bloodier deaths. Technically speaking, Friday the 13th 3D isn't that impressive. Its graphics look like something out of the first Playstation, with shoddy animation. Jason and his victims move clumsily, but at least it doesn't get in the way of a satisfying bloodbath. Friday the 13th 3D is a third-person action horror game that puts a twist on the genre by making you the bad guy. It's quite difficult to die, while killing your poor victims is usually pretty easy.

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User-rating:4.8 ( 5 Reviews )