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Guava Juice: Tub Tapper

Guava Juice: Tub Tapper

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Guava Juice: Tub Tapper is a casual game where you have to tap the screen nonstop to create millions of bubbles and build dozens of bathtubs. Your goal? To create the biggest soap and bubble empire in the universe. The gameplay in Guava Juice: Tub Tapper is the usual for games in this genre. You have to tap the screen quickly, nonstop, for hours. The more you tap the screen, the more bubbles you earn. And the more bubbles you have, the more improvements you can buy for your multiple bathtubs. In all, you can unlock more than a hundred different types of bathtubs, and you can add hundreds of improvements to each and every one. Plus, you can unlock over forty different outfits for Guava Juice, including a lot of the classic ones from his YouTube videos. Guava Juice: Tub Tapper is an entertaining casual game that has a simple gameplay and nice graphics. It's the perfect way to pass the time, while not requiring you to pay much attention to your device.

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