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Hit & Knock down

Hit & Knock down

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Hit & Knock down is a fun adaptation of the popular fairground game: use a leather ball to knock down a tower of cans to earn points and win prizes. This game maintains certain aspects of teh original game very well, and does a good job of adapting it to a digital game: in Hit & Knock down you start the level with a limited number of balls (which vary depending on the difficulty of the level) and a tower of cans. The idea is to knock down all the cans with as few balls as possible. Carefully combine strength and precision to hit the weakest point of the tower, destabilizing it and bringing it down with as few balls as possible. Hit & Knock down has several game modes: single player, multiplayer, two players and challenge. In the first mode, pit yourself against the can tower. And in the multiplayer mode, face other players in the world and try and take their place in the global rankings. The two-player mode is designed so that you can play it with a friend and, finally, the challenge mode realy puts you to the test, setting you increasingly difficult challenges and tasks. Hit & Knock down is a fun arcade game that also boasts a beautiful vintage aesthetic style.

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User-rating:5.0 ( 3 Reviews )