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Lordz.io - Real Time Strategy Multiplayer IO Game

Lordz.io - Real Time Strategy Multiplayer IO Game



Lordz.io - Real Time Strategy Multiplayer IO Game is a strategy game that's really similar to the famous Slither.io or Agar.io and challenges you to enter a room full of enemies and get rid of them by controlling your troops and castles. If you like real-time multiplayer games, enter dozens of rooms and own the best kingdom. The controls system works exactly the same as other similar adventures: tap on the screen and slide your finger to move your character, click on the action buttons to execute any of the available options and control your king and troops by sliding your finger again. Being the most successful king means winning the round. To ensure your victory, build castles and improve them to make sure no enemy becomes stronger and destroys your buildings. You and your king have to walk around the kingdom searching for the gold coins that are scattered all over the area. Once you've collected enough, you can start improving your kingdom and build all kinds of structures that you can use for different defense purposes. During your adventure, you also have to hire soldiers that can defend your cause and destroy your rivals. Your loyal troops will always be by your side, so if you want to destroy your enemy's fortress, you have to put yourself at risk as well. The upside of that is that if you recruit big and strong soldiers, you'll deplete your enemy's life much quicker. Manage your wealth, troops and buildings as best you can and become the strongest king of them all.

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