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Power Rangers: UNITE

Power Rangers: UNITE

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Power Rangers: UNITE is a card duel game set in the Power Rangers universe. You can find cards with characters from the more than 20 seasons of the legendary television show. In all, there are more than 250 different cards with Rangers, Zords, weapons, and much more. The combat system in Power Rangers: UNITE is pretty intuitive. The board is made up of a grid with four rows and five columns for each player. Each player has a front row and a back row. The character cards that you place in the front row can attack, while the ones in the back are in reserve. To play a card you need to use power. For each turn, you get five power points, so you need to plan your strategy well and use them wisely. One of the great things about Power Rangers: UNITE is that not only can you play against the AI in story mode, you can also play against your friends online. Power Rangers: UNITE is a really entertaining card game that fans of the classic TV series are sure to love.

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User-rating:5.0 ( 1 Reviews )