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Rabbids Heroes

Rabbids Heroes

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Rabbids Heroes is a card-based dueling game starring the famous Rabbids. In it you try to defeat your opponent using all kinds of crazy maneuvers, each represented by a card. Only by using them well can you defeat your opponent. At the beginning of the duel, each of the Rabbids will start at one end of the screen, which is divided into nine squares. Each character type has a particular style of movement. Some, like the ninja, can move many spaces in one turn, while others, like the warrior, are slow. In any case, each type of Rabbid has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important part of Rabbids Heroes is the cards, since they let you attack and do other maneuvers. To use a card, you need to pay in crystals, just like in Hearthstone. Each turn, you'll receive more crystals. This way, you can only use the weaker cards at the beginning of the duel, but later you can bring out the heavy artillery. In Rabbids Heroes, you can also fight practice duels against the computer. But without a doubt the best way to play is in PVP mode, where you're matched up against other players online. Obviously before you dive in it's a good idea to customize your deck and find out what kind of Rabbid best fits your style of play. Rabbids Heroes is an interesting card-based dueling game. It borrows some concepts from Hearthstone but still manages to offer a unique gaming experience. Overall, it's a fun and charming title.

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Now available: Rabbids Heroes, a HearthStone from Ubisoft
Once an entertainment trope becomes a hit, hundreds of adaptations, clones, and other opportunist spinoffs are bound to appear to try to leech off that success. Ubisoft's Rabbids games have always done this, jumping on whatever genre bandwagon is in vogue to adapt to the market demands of the moment. Now, when HearthStone's trading cards are currently queen of the ball among Android games, the new Rabbids Heroes has again fallen into line with turn-based duels where you have to manage your deck and take advantage of the abilities of each of the five types of available characters. It's just come out in a soft launch and we have the APK for it here on Uptodown.