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Scary Neighbor 3D

Scary Neighbor 3D

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Scary Neighbor 3D is similar to Hello Neighbor. To play, you have to complete different missions, trying to give your neighbor a scare and escape without getting caught. The 3D graphics and music in Scary Neighbor 3D are superb, making it easy to feel immersed in this world full of missions for you to complete, all of which are filled with tension as you do everything you can not to get caught. All the missions are carried out in first person. You can move by using the D-pad. To carry out actions, all you have to do is tap on the different buttons that appear on the right side of the screen. Scary Neighbor 3D is a really fun game where you do various tasks on each level to complete all the missions. But be careful, because your neighbor is watching and could catch you in the act at any moment.

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User-rating:4.0 ( 1 Reviews )
Publisher:Z & K