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Sword of Shadows

Sword of Shadows

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Sword of Shadows is a MMORPG set in the ancient Kingdom of Jianghu, where players can join forces with others online to battle against evil. Before you start playing, as usual, you'll put together your character by choosing from several different classes. As in nearly all games in this genre, Sword of Shadows offers an enormous neutral city where you can move around as you like, interacting with other players and NPCs. In the cities you can also accept missions, which let you advance through the story and get a ton of experience. Just tapping the active mission button makes your character move automatically toward the place where it has to be carried out. The combat system in Sword of Shadows is very dynamic: you can do several different kinds of attacks and punch combos. You can unlock the enemy attacks, feint to trick them, and even fly. Yes, you can actually take flight and start fighting from the air. Best of all, not only can you fight against normal enemies, but also face off against other players in exciting PvP duels. Sword of Shadows is a good MMORPG with a very interesting setting and an entertaining game system. Plus its graphics are excellent and it's got tons of locations, characters, and enemies scattered around the world.

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User-rating:5.0 ( 2 Reviews )
Publisher:Snail Game



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