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Trade Town

Trade Town

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Trade Town is a management strategy game that challenges you to build a medieval coastal city, starting from scratch. Just like its name suggests, trading is essential for the development of your city. To start off, there will only be a few houses and sawmills in your city. As you start completing your missions, your level will increase and you can unlock new elements for your city. You can build more than a dozen different buildings that include a ton of decorative elements that’ll make your city totally unique. A huge part of the development of your city is to learn how to trade. To do so, you have to send caravans to other cities, sell products that you don’t need and buy those that you do. Trading also gives you access to exclusive resources. You can even get together with other players to create powerful trading alliances. Trade Town is a super entertaining strategy based game that has amazing visuals and a ton of content. You can go through dozens of levels and complete hundreds of missions before you run out of things to do in your city.

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