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Twisty Arrow

Twisty Arrow

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Twisty Arrow is a minimalist arcade game with a very simple but incredibly addictive premise. To play, you try to shoot all your arrows at a giant spinning wheel without hitting any of the arrows that are already on it. The trick is to shoot your arrows carefully so they take up as little space as possible, always trying to save space for additional arrows. The first few levels are relatively easy because you won't have many arrows to shoot, and the wheel spins slowly; but as you advance in the game, you'll have more arrows to shoot and the wheel will spin faster and faster, and in different directions, making it difficult to shoot the arrows exactly where you want. Twisty Arrow has more than 145 levels where you'll have to improve your aim and dexterity as the game difficulty drastically increases from the second or third level. Basically, the game will challenge you from the first moment you start playing. Twisty Arrow is a good arcade game with a minimalist and attractive design that will keep you hooked from the very beginning.

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