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Ultra Fighters

Ultra Fighters

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Ultra Fighters is a 2D action game with more then thirty different characters to choose from, each one with unique attributes and special abilities. This time, your mission is to defeat each and every single enemy on the screen in as little time as possible. Ultra Fighter's controls are halfway between a 'beat 'em up' and a classic 2D fighting game. There's two arrows on the left side of the screen used to move your character, as well as four buttons on the right, used to attack and block. Once you get the hang of the controls you can even activate spectacular special attacks! Not only that, but Ultra Fighters has an interesting storyline, divided into four chapters of a dozens levels. In some levels you might have to try and defeat waves of enemies somewhat weaker than your hero, while in others you'll come face to face with powerful, intimidating bosses! Overall Ultra Fighters is an outstanding action game, with fun, fast-paced battles and awesome anime graphics. On top of all that, although you'll begin the game with just one character, there's more than thirty to unlock, and each one can be leveled up and customized!

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User-rating:5.0 ( 1 Reviews )


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