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Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars

Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars

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Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars is an Action RPG where you lead a group of Yo-Kai on a mission to combat mysterious attacks happening across your city. Luckily, as you gain more 'friendship medals' you'll add more and more Yo-Kai to your group. Combat systems in Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars are very simple. On the battlefield, you'll find there are three different Yo-Kais that move around and automatically attack. While they roam, it's up to you to activate their special skills manually. Plus, towards the lower part of the screen you'll find there are three additional Yo-Kai to trade in and out. And, you can sub them in anytime they're fighting. Plus, while they're resting, your Yo-Kai get a chance to relax and heal. While you're out on the adventure mode, Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars divides up into a bunch of different levels where you face off against tons of enemies. Each level is comprised of three waves of Evil Yo-Kai and a boss. More often than not, once you defeat a boss, it gets turned into a new friend. And, as is common with any Yo-Kai, when a boss becomes your friend, you can invoke them to help you on your cause. Yo-Kai Watch Medal Wars is an excellent ARPG inspired by the Yo-Kai Watch universe. It offers a game system that is well-adapted to touch screens. Plus, the game comes with lush, pristine graphics that you can further manually configure from the settings menu.

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